Looking back on week 1

We’re supposed to code a lot at Recurse Center (RC). That’s why everyone’s at RC. To dramatically improve their programming. However, first weeks are always a settling-in of sorts - new routines, new people, and new experiences. My first week at RC, I prioritised getting to know other RCers over coding. I went for lunch, dinner, 1:1s, coffee chats, group outings for food, and random unplanned hangouts with many RCers and got to know them as people. It was awesome, 10/10 recommended.

One of the reasons I wanted to go to RC so was to find friends who are also programmers (the woes of coming from a non-programming background and having mostly non-programmer friends!). And well, I’ve already found friends at RC - people I want to keep in touch with long after we’ve left RC.

Looking around the RC space on Friday evening, I saw at least 10 people that I am comfortable enough with that I don’t need an excuse to just go up to them and say hi. We can angst over our coding struggles. We can make lame programming jokes. We can talk about non-programming things. We’re at RC because we want to be. We’re working on what we want at RC because we want to. No external pressure. I feel so at home, and in 5 weeks (the halfway point of my batch), there’ll be a one-week break and I’m going back to another home - Mount Holyoke College.

Looking ahead to week 2

For Week 2 (until the end of RC), I am going to code (and pair program) a lot more. Last week, I raised a PR (with Ernest’s pair-programming help) for an open-source project. I will continue going through the Kernighan & Ritchie C textbook. I will start learning (and coding) data structures and algorithms.

No matter what technical bugs and struggles may arise, Week 2 will be even better than Week 1 because I have found my people. Here’s to Week 2 of RC. Never graduate.